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About Us

We are the first e-commerce and network marketing company whose economy is decentralized in nature powered by Blockchain Technology using a single digital currency in all transactions within the ecosystem to ensure safety and transparency.

How does Day2Day Cash.com works

Using the Multi-Level Marketing system, every entry package a member buys is their counterpart to the company’s bulk purchased of pre ordered goods from online shoppers globally.

Day2Day is supplying tons of products to over a thousand different mid-sized online Shops and several e-commerce platforms worldwide.

The company’s earnings are broken down to the last member of the chain, thus benefitting all the parties involved.

Global Shoppers order to different Ecommerce Platforms and Online Shops. Day2Day Cash +Member Partners purchase direct from Product Manufacturers, supply to Ecommerce Platforms and Online Shops. Day2Day Cash.com earns, then breakdown earnings down to Member Partners.

Comparative Advantage

With the world population creeping upwards of 8 billion people with a technological infrastructure as equally impressive, it makes sense that a good majority of transactions are moving online. Here, we bring the market within your fingertips; virtually everything is available with a tap from your smart phone. Whether you’re an online shopaholic, an online shop operator who wanted to expand your reach, or are you the type who just want’ your money work for you? Our platform provides you to get what you need.

Or, if you are a people oriented entrepreneur who want to build a community that generates mutual earning benefits to you and your followers, Day2Day Cash.com is your vehicle towards financial freedom.

Unlike thousands of e-commerce where users are plainly customers who provide income to the company, Day2day Cash has a multi-dimensional transactions flow. You can be a plain buyer or be a partner to the company and earn while you wait.

Partnership Program

Become a partner and start earning, simply choose and purchase an entry package, and earn rebates daily or depending on which period you are enrolled 10, 30 or 40 day period. Refer the business to your friends and colleagues, earn from the Referral Bonus, Uni-Level and other forms of incentives.


Day2Day Cash uses Lucky Coins as the sole currency on all transactions within the company, however only lucky coins purchased from the company’s authorized sellers is the absolute currency accepted in buying activation codes. Lucky Coins Sourced from other parties and even those acquired from the Lucky Coins Trading platform itself are not honored and accepted by Day2Day Cash.com.

Day2Day Cash is NOT affiliated or connected in any degree with the Lucky Coins Crypto Currency or its’ Developer.

Lucky Coins uses an open source API, has no exclusivity this can be acquired by anybody.

Therefore, the company will not hold any liability for those who intend to participate on our program but purchased unauthorized LC circulation from unaccredited LC sellers by Day2DayCash.com.